About DIMS

From superior functionality to features that don’t exist on any other platform, the DIMS software suite is an all-in-one solution.

We began our journey with the treatment court community because we knew we could provide a superior product at a more accessible price, leaving no court without support. We stay tuned into the courts and the changes being made at a national level. Our system remains customizable and adaptable—making sure meaningful change reaches you and your court team.

Our Philosophy: Our partnership with justice professionals goes beyond providing software. We see how meaningful your work is to all of our communities, and we’re committed to helping you track,
measure, and communicate your efforts. Our team of experts will always support you.

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From Adult Drug Courts to DUI Courts, each court has different needs to best serve their participants. We have customized versions for different types of courts


We prioritize developing long-term relationships with our customers and are committed to service. Responsivity and support are a top priority.


No risk, guaranteed. Try our system before you purchase our services. Already have another contract? No problem. You can fulfill your current contract without paying for two systems.


No long term contracts. We want to ensure that you have access to a reliable, affordable system that works for you. We’ll adjust your contract as funding and court size change. Your court’s sustainability is a top priority.

Industry Experts

We stay on top of changes and trends in treatment courts. We’ll keep you informed on innovative program pieces and we are continuously incorporating new standards into our system.


We are committed to service. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the functionality and outcomes you need, and to achieve all of your program’s goals, we’ll make specific customizations for your court.

Designed by justice
professionals for today’s
unique drug court needs.

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DIMS has brought ease and scalability to courts across the country, but don’t take our word for it. See what our users have to say.

I am beyond pleased with the DIMS software suite. It is far superior to other data management systems we’ve used in the past. DIMS streamlines our day-to-day court operations and allows us to quickly and easily monitor success metrics for all of our drug courts statewide. Plus, their customer support has been second to none.

Justice Ingrid Gustafson

Supreme Court, Montana

I have been using DIMS for over two years. It’s user friendly; the technical support team is fantastic, always returning our calls promptly, and because it’s digital, multiple community partners have easy access to much-needed information.

Layla Eichler, Coordinator, 1st Judicial Adult Drug Court

Helena, Montana