Case Management

Treatment Court Case Management made simple, secure and collaborative

Discover comprehensive, customizable, and secure tracking of participant data. DIMS provides accessible visual and data reporting on a HIPPA compliant platform.

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Case Management


Multi-level Tracking

  • Evaluate outcomes on a court and statewide level
  • Keep your team and community partners informed by tracking the outcomes you define with ease

Powerful Reporting

  • Comprehensive, user-friendly data entry resulting in powerful evaluative reporting and analytics
  • Tracking for grant reporting built-in

Team Collaboration

  • Users can create an account, enter data, and distribute responsibility for seamless collaboration among participants, teams, and the court

Task Management

  • Improve work-flow with a built in task management system
  • Send notifications, schedule check-ins, and create automatic reminders with ease

Document Management

  • Easily access and store all of your documents
  • Upload documents to create digital files and assign viewing and editing access team-wide

Phase Review

  • Track and manage participant’s Phases seamlessly
  • Set Phase goals for your court, manage tasks remaining for participants, view completion percentage and more
Visual reports

Visual reports give you a snapshot of all the active participants in your court.

Individual participant reports

Individual participant reports give you a high-level overview of all activities related to the participant, saving you time and effort.

Participant analytics

Upgrade your task management. View participant tasks, receive overdue task alerts and check in reminders, send positive affirmations, and more.

Phase review

Take out the guess work in participant management. With phase goals built in, you can track and monitor goals throughout each phase to determine when a participant is ready to phase up.

Are you managing a state court?

Gathering outcome data from individual court systems and putting it into a comprehensive report tracking is easy and fast with DIMS. We are committed to serving state coordinators that desire collaborative reporting on all of their state’s drug courts.

MAT & Recovery Management

Our MAT and Recovery Management modules are features that don’t exist on any other platform and save our customers hours of time.

The MAT Module

Medication Assisted Treatment is an evidence-based approach to treating substance use disorders

DIMS Track

Track consultations, visits, medication, and method of administration

Physician Access to Participant App

Allow the physician access to the Participant App to send notifications

Eliminate time-consuming back and forth

Eliminate time-consuming back and forth over phone and email to coordinate care

Give your court a place to seamlessly track your patient’s MAT activity. This Module allows your court and physicians to collaborate on your patient’s treatments and medication administration.

The Recovery Management

Within the first 12 months of discharge, 64% of graduates will relapse

Built-in check-ins allow you to stay engaged with your graduate’s recovery process and status and easily detect struggles or potential relapses.

The most vulnerable time for participants can be right after discharge when treatment court services are no longer in place. Don’t lose your graduates to relapse.

DIMS has the Recovery Maintenance Check-in (RMC-i) built-in to help graduates maintain their recovery and improve reporting and program analysis.

Our Recovery Management Module includes:

  • Periodic check-ins
  • Scripted so that any team member can conduct the interview (written in MI style using the OARS technique)
  • Targeted support to areas that might undermine recovery
  • Early detection of triggers and potential relapses
  • Built-in rating scales for the stages of change


Our system is the most cost-effective option on the market, averaging at 60% less than our top competitors.

Large Courts
15 or more active
Small Courts
Less than 14 active

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DIMS has brought ease and scalability to courts across the country, but don’t take our word for it. See what our users have to say.

I am beyond pleased with the DIMS software suite. It is far superior to other data management systems we’ve used in the past. DIMS streamlines our day-to-day court operations and allows us to quickly and easily monitor success metrics for all of our drug courts statewide. Plus, their customer support has been second to none.

Justice Ingrid Gustafson

Supreme Court, Montana

I have been using DIMS for over two years. It’s user friendly; the technical support team is fantastic, always returning our calls promptly, and because it’s digital, multiple community partners have easy access to much-needed information.

Layla Eichler, Coordinator, 1st Judicial Adult Drug Court

Helena, Montana
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