Lab Management

Treatment Court Case Management made simple, secure and collaborative

A lab information management system vertically integrated within DIMS for secure and simplified reporting of test results.


Randomization & Order Entry

Create multiple calendar types on the platform. Using colors/phases, the system schedules drug tests for donors on a monthly basis. Automated system generates orders based on the scheduled colors and phases.

Automated Calling & Text

Automated daily voice mail generations of colors and phases due. Automated text messaging capabilty to all clients. No manual voicemail recording for your staff.


Setup rules when test results come back positive. Flexible rule engine allows the lab to customize their own rules based on the lab requirements.


Allow courts to donors, ROI documents, Payment details, colors/phases directly into the DIMS LIMS. Reduce paper work and approve donors digitally.

Printer/Signature pad integration

Direct integration for automated printing of Chain of Custody and barcodes. Integrate signature pad to collect donor signature upon check-in. Customize the number of print outs for each computer in your lab.

Automated Billing

Setup automated billing to allow billing directly with courts, medicaid, vouchers, state funds and grants. Inbuilt reports will create invoices that can be sent to all funding sources.

How it works

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